Saturday, January 11, 2014

Protect Your Printers from Hackers

Hackers can exploit just about everything these days, from websites and even smartphones. Unfortunately, the hacking doesn’t end there. Even the humble printer is now at risk as two New York academics proved they can hack into an HP laser laserjet printer.

This opens up the possibility of affecting several printer models, including the HP Color Laserjet 3600, among others. As a result, the computer manufacturing giant Hewlett-Packard has made steps to address risks of hacking. One of the efforts undertaken by the company to increase protection levels of their printers was to issue over 56 firmware updates.

The main issue lies on public awareness, especially when it comes to the vulnerability of existing computer firmware. Computer users are also unaware that some of their other devices at home do not have anti-virus software and firewall. This problem is just one of the many others that are challenging the industry and the consumers.

To avoid being hacked, consumers should choose reliable suppliers that offer all kinds of computer products and other related equipment. Going for trusted sellers who carry original products from computers to printers and down to other supplementary items like the HP 12A toner cartridge. Getting informed and finding the right sources can help consumers get the best value for their purchases and stay protected.


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